Keeping the dog in

There was a bit of an event last week (Monday to be exact) in which a local beach walker swung a leg trying to kick Luna. I’ll be the first to admit that Luna has a loud bark, but she has never attacked a person in front of our house.

Regardless. The plans for a gate across the front of the property (to keep the locals away from Luna) were put in to action.

A couple of days reviewing and tweaking the plans and we were ready to go. The obligatory research into gates, latches and general hardware ensued and the finer details were sorted. Off the shelf gates from Mitre10 and Lokklatch fixtures all around.

On Thursday, the prolam posts were set out.

Friday, concrete was poured – followed by a few late night sprinkles.

Saturday was a big day. While I was using mostly leftovers from our original house build, I was off to Mitre10 for some H4 rough sawn 100×50. Most of the base structure was up by the end of the day.

Sunday, a bigger day. Loads of fence palings and gate installation was the bulk of it.

Ta da!

Luna is behind bars (well, the neighbours are behind bars). And I’ve been pleasantly surprised that she’s settled in very quickly. I hope the neighbours appreciate the effort and we can all walk the beach in peace.

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